late June 2011 fortnight’s favorites

The collector CDs of the Dutchman do contain vintage gems. Here we have Arvis McRae & the Texas Keys for the marvelous “Me And My Love“. Fine fiddle and guitar solos. Echo on vocal. Great rural Hillbilly Bop!  It comes from Texarkana on the Ranger label.ranger mcrae love

Then in Virginia for a rare instrumental on mandolin by Phebel Wright, “Lint Head Stomp“. Cut for Essex Records in 1946. It’s a tour de force: who influenced Bill Monroe?  Wright appeared later (gospel recordings) on a Bryte EP.phebel wright

On the Yolk label (Indianapolis), we are now turning to Rockabilly with Lloyd Harp and “Slow Boogie Rock“.yolk  harp slow

Less and less known now are Earl Wright and “Married Man Blues“or  Sid Triplett’sMarried Life Blues” – surely two songs aimed at married men!

cutt-rite Wright Married Finally on the Louisiana Big Howdy label (1960’s?), the Weems Brothers and Billy Still for “Don’t Turn God Away“.

Many rare selections this time. I hope you enjoy every tune. Comments welcome!