late January 2014 fortnight favorites

Howdy folks! This is the second serie of favorites for the new Year. All selections do come from the eastern parts of U.S, except one from Indiana.

From Mobile, Alabama, WADE JERNIGAN offers the first titles on the Sandy (# 1010) label. Medium hillbilly bop, steel and fiddle for “Road of love“. Flip “So  tired” is more intimate.

Sandy jernigan  road

Wade Jernigan “Road of love”


sandy  jernigan  tired

Wade Jernigan “So tired”


From New York on the Mell label (same as Howie Stang‘s) (# 121) by one MOREY DUBOIS. “If you can spare the time” is obviously inspired by 1950 Lefty Frizzell hit, bit it’s Rockabilly from 1959. From Hammond, Indiana, we find BILLY REED and “Honky-tonk mama” a fine medium hillbilly bopper full of steel and fiddle. Topical lyrics. Campfire 45-33.

mell dubois  time

Morey Dubois, “If you can spare the time”


campfire reed  mama

Billy Reed “Honky-tonk mama”











LES TUCKER offers “Wrong kinda lovin” , a fast call and response format cross between hillbilly bop and rockabilly from late 1958, on the St Paul, Minnesota HEP label 2144.

On one of the many Dixie labels, one religious Hillbilly bop, “Crossing river Jordan” by HARMON R. WILLIS (# 123) and the Willis Family. Nice guitar. Sounds an accordion in the background?

Finally a curiosity. SHORTY LONG and BOB NEWMAN team up in 1955 on the “X” label for a train song, “Roll Rattler, roll“.(#0045)

hep tucker wrong dixie willis ordanX dalton boys roll

Les Tucker “Wrong kinda lovin’


Harmon R. Willis “Crossing river Jordan


Dalton Boys “Roll, Rattler, roll











Several stories of artists are on their way. I’m still lacking biographical info on ART GIBSON, SHORTY LONG, HAPPY FATS LEROY.

Howie Stange, “Real Gone Daddy”, vocal – Jim Flaherty’s Caravan


jenn stange bombhowie stange2


A popular artist with country and western fans, Jim Flaherty performed often and helped organize and promote country music in New England with his howie stange1concerts as well as through his position as manager of the successful Belmont Record Shop in Hartford. Jim recorded a country-ish cover of Elvis Presley’s hit “Are You Lonesome Tonight” (vocals by Howie Stange) / “My Foolish Heart” with vocals by Morey Dubois on Frankie Records FR-7. He cut more on Frankie, the forgettable double-sider “My Darling Rosie”/I’ll Never Be The Same” by Lou Dee. Jim also recorded two fine rockabilly/rockers tunes on a rare single on Jenn Records (J-101), “Real Gone Daddy“/”This Old Bomb of Mine” with vocals by Howie Stange. Finally Connecticut born Stange recorded on the New York Mell label (# 120) the fine double-sider ballad “Baby I’m Sorry/You Never Had It So Good“.
Are you lonesome to-night” (Frankie)

download (Thanks Mr. Steve Stange, son to Howie!)




howie stange3

frankie stange lonesome

courtesy Steve Stange


mell stange goodjenn stange gone


two more songs posted by Steve:

Howie Stange “What would you do if Jesus came to your house?


Keep a light in your window tonight






mell stang sorry

courtesy Steve Dickerman

Howie StangYou never had it so good

(courtsey Mr. Stevie Stange)