Howdy, folks. This is the late May 2018 bopping and rockabilly fortnight’s favorites. A fair percentage of selections will come from the State of Tennessee, with the odd number from Ohio or NYC.

On the Nashville Excello label, more familiar to Blues/R&B buffs, let’s begin with both sides of # 2071 by the LINDSEY BROTHERS. They offer 2 uptempos from 1955, both based on solid rhythm guitar, aided by fiddle and steel. « Big Hearted Joe » is the best side of both, for its great duet harmony, and the record is valued $ 50-60. The flipside « Let’s Get Down To Business » has more of the same, although less interesting. A pleasant Hillbilly bop record.

Big Hearted JoeExcello 2071 Big hearted Joe - Lindsey brothersbillboard 1955 indsey brothers excello

Let’s Get Down To Business


nasco lindsey brothers mr. vluesnasco lindsey brosthers  hello heatachesexcello 2068 lindsay brothers let's get down

We keep with the LINDSEY BROTHERS 5 years later in 1960, on the Excello sublabel Nasco # 6032, and the change is not in the right direction : the label says « Popular ». Fddle and steel are out, only remains the rhythm guitar for « Mr. Blues » (penned by Jack Toombs : he had cut the Rockabilly « Kiss-a me quick » (Excello 2083), or « Little Andy » as Jackie Trent on Nasco 6012 – see his full story elsewhere in this site) and « Hello Heartaches », very Everly-ish. Value $ 10-15.

Mr. Blues

Hello Heartaches

We remain in Tennessee, exactly in Madison (home of Starday Records after relocation from Houston, TX) : VAUGHN SIMMONS on the Logan label # 3112 provides us with a good Southern bopper, « What Am I Gonna Do » – rhythm guitar, fiddle and an interesting vocal.

What Am I Gonna Dologan vaughn simmons what am I gonna do

downloaddayton mattie allen ride around
From Ohio comes MATTIE ALLEN and the Lonesome Drifters on the Dayton label, # 301 seemingly a sublabel to Jalyn, from as late as 1970. « Ride Around » is half spoken, over rhythm guitar and discreet drums. A good guitar solo.

Ride Around


From NYC on the Marlee label # 105, DICK ELY has « Keep a’ rollin’ », a trucker song. It’s a strong uptempo with great bass and a pretty strident guitar solo.

Keep a’ Rollin’marlee dick ely keep a'rollin'


Back to Tennessee on the Rythm label [sic] # 303. REX HALE & his Rythm Masters [re-sic]. Two great Rockabilly sides. Steel is omnipresent on « stop-and-go » couplets. Energetic drums, and fine, fine guitar. « Darn Dem Bones » and « Down At Big Mama’s House » would cost you $ 2000-2500, only if you can locate a copy!

Darn Dem Bonesrythm rex hale darm dem bones

rythm rex hale down at big mama's houseDown At Big Mama’s House


Sources : all sides were taken from YouTube or the Net.