Howdy folks. Welcome to newcomers, hi! to returning visitors. Every two weeks in this site I offer 6 selections of obscure, unknown hillbilly bop/rockabilly records, sometimes a rocking blues like this time. I give data, comments (both musically and what is needed to a better appreciation of the music), and wait for your own comments. In the past, more than one visitor has posted and given a detail unknown to me. This is an exchange between you and me, beyond frontiers and seas, thanks to the magic of internet..

We begin with CHUCK HATFIELD, in Detroit. Without doubt a Southern steel player set up in North and enjoying migrated people with his steel guitar. He offers a tour-de-force with “Steel Wool” on the Fortune label # 175), backed by the Treble-Aires. Next I have a VIRGIL HUNT on the Boot Heel  label (# 604), looks to me like a Tennessean label. He does a very fine hillbilly bop with “Can’t We Try Again” from 1957. LEE SLAUGHTERS and the Cumberland Play Boys obviously comes from the Tri-State area (Cumberland may be an Ohio, a Tennessee, even a N. Carolina location). He does a good jumping “Hot Hamburger ” on the Jay label (EP 2159), I’d assume from 1956-57 too.

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On to California on the very important (it issued more than 400 singles) indie Ac’cent label, with one of its very first issues (# 1010) by one BILL MYRICK. “You’re Gonna Be Fooled“, from 1954, is a joyfull piano-dominated hillbilly bop. I could not find anything else by Mr. Myrick on Ac’cent, which issued later rock’n’roll by Dick D’Agostin and Ted Embry (“New Shoes”).

BILLY SCOTT on Tee Vee is a perfect unknown singer, but his “You’re Braggin’, Boy” (# OP-225) is very enjoyable. Funny, although I seen the title of the tune elsewhere, I can’t remember who cut it at the moment. Fact that the record was issued OP, pressed by Four Star, may indicate a Texas or a West Coast location.

Finally the Rocking blues already announced: one MARVIN “Lefty” WRIGHT, with the romper instro. “Kentucky Home Boogie” on X 0063 from 1955.

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As usual, comments welcome! Till then, bye-bye.