Hello folks! Being a bit late, I am coming back from Corsica a day late. This is the first time I post two tracks by the same artist, but both tunes are so good I hope you will agree with me. From Florida, 1959 or 60, on a custom label, Arvil, ARVIL MEERS cut two very special songs, accompanied by his own guitar, “Muddy River“, with yodel overtones, and “The Future I Hold“. The disc was reissued by Dixie.

arvil meers muddyarvil  meers futurearvil meers picdixie  Meers future

A good bopper on Starday (custom serie), late 1955, “Puttin’ On The Dog” by JOE GIBSON. Is this the same guy, JOE D. GIBSON, who had “Good Morning Captain/21” on New York Tetra label in 1957?

starday  gibson dog

One of the most enduring images in Hillbilly is the singing brother act. They were litterally thousands in the genre, one of the most famous being the Delmore Brothers. Robert and J.C. Andrews, the ANDREWS BROTHERS were no exception, hailing from Alabama. They had numerous records on MGM, the best being “Hot To Trot” from 1955. Fine banjo and close vocal harmonies. mgm andrews bros hot

Another brothers combo, by far less known, actually a one-off venture, comessurprisingly in 1963 from Indianapolis on the Nabor label from Indianapolis. The RUSSELL BROTHERS do offer a superior rural hillbilly vocal, guitar and steel solos with “You Cheated On Me“. That is the proof that Hillbilly was not dead even at the beginning of British invasion.

Finally, a curious mixture of R&B and Jazz by the SLIM GAILLARD QUARTETTE, from 1945, on the Atomic label: “Atomic Cocktail” seems to be a strange beverage. I appreciate the swing of the combo, and I hope you do the same!atomic gaillard cocktail

Enjoy the selections!