Howdy folks, this is the late June 2018 bopping fortnight’s favorites selection, All of the tunes were released between 1947 and 1953.

First record is « Bob’s Boogie » by WOODY MASHBURN and The Wanderers Of Wasteland on the Grand label # 101: an instrumental romper, it’s got a good piano backing and guitar/steel soli. A highly desirable record for instros buffs. Grand 101 was out of Roanake, Va.



grand mashburn boogie



Bob’s Boogie”


SLEEPY McDANIEL & his Radio Playboys come next from the Philly area, and were seemingly produced by Gotham’s bossman Iv Ballin, who leased material to Lillian Clayborne to be issued on dc mcdaniel sackher Washington DC label [see a long survey of the intricate DC label story in the feature devoted to the Howington Brothers]. Here we have a fast call-and-response type song with « Sad Sack » (DC 8040 – a serie established for ‘race’ records, rather than the usual 4200 « Hillbily » serie) ; an half-sung song, which sees fiddle and steel, even string-bass take their solos !

“Sad Sack”


Gospel Boogie”abernathy pictureking abernathy gospel


Now a « Gospel Boogie » from December 1947 by LEE ROY ABERNATHY at the piano, backed by his Homeland Harmony Quartet. Even the label says « Jive » and the tune has a lot of enthusiasm. King label # 4223, subtitled « Ev’rybody’s Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There ».

Next artist, out of Nashville on the Bullet label # 738 (1951), is SI JENKINS & his Ozark Ranchers, who offer a great shuffler, « One Dollar Boogie ». Lazy vocal, good steel and a nice piano solo.

One Dollar Boogie”bullet jenkins boogie



From Texas we now have AL HESSON& the Sons Of The Alamo for « My Red Headed Gal From Arkansas » on the famous Talent label (1949) # 710. A lively uptempo piece of bop : good vocal, lovely steel and guitar. A great disk.”           My Red Headed Gal From Arkansas”

talent hesson arkansas
CHARLIE HARRIS had a long shadow story behind others, here entrepreneur Gabe Tucker & his Musical Ramblers. Harris had first released the great « No Shoes
gaylord harris loveBoogie » fronting R. D. Hendon’s Western Jamboree Cowboys on the Houston Freedom label. He appeared later (uncredited) on all Gabe Tucker sides released on Dot ( [his story will be revealed in a not-too-distant future]. Here he’s got the credit on the Gaylord Music Co. label # 4926 for the nice uptempo ballad – his speciality, he’s in good voice – « You’re The Only Love (I’ve Ever Had)» from 1951-52. Nice long steel solo, plus piano backing.

You’re The Only Love”


Next artist was the longest to yodel during the ’40’s and ’50’s, actually he made it his trademark : Yodeling KENNY ROBERTS. Here in an April 1949 session held in Cincinnati he’s backed by the cream of the E.T. Herzog Studio : Jerry Byrd holds the steel for a short but weird solo, Messers. Zeke Turner and Louie Innis have the guitar duties (an ostinato in the style of « Blues Stay Away From Me »); appears also Tommy Jackson on fiddle, and the ensemble is propelled by the implacable rhythm given by the bass of Ulysses Turner. Roberts is chanting lovely, yodeling as expected on an uptempo beat, « Boogie Woogie Yodel Song » released on Coral 64045.

“Boogie Woogie Yodel Song”

downloadvalley hems jugheadscoral roberts yodel

Finally PAUL HEMS from Scottsboro, Alabama does a frantic, harmonica led « Jugheads flop-eared boogie » on the Tennessee Valley Boys label. Incomplete soundfile which ends at 2’45, sorry. And I really don’t know when this tune was released.

“Jugheads Flop-Eared Boogie”


Sources : YouTube for the main part ; 78world for label scans ; Ronald Keppner for Charlie Harris Gaylord side ; my own researches. Gripsweat for Paul Hems side.