This is the late August 2018 fortnight’s favorites selection. BLONDIE BROOKS opens the ball with a lovely female vocal tune, « We’ll Make Out Together » from March 1962, with a nice steel and heavy drums on the Gulf Reef label 1008. Backed by Cousin Wilbur (perhaps her husband), she had previously appeared on Bullet 691 (Cousin Wilbur leader) in 1949 for a fine shuffler : « Why Not Confess » and a good revamp of the Delmore Brothers‘ « Blues Stay Away From Me » : strident steel.

bullet wilbur confessbullet wlbur awaybrooks & wilbur picgulf reed brooks tonight

“We”ll Make Out Together”

“We’ll Make Out Together”

download “Why Not Confess”
“Blues Stay Away From Me”

download “Blues Stay Away From Me”

We go further with GENE McKOWN on the California Fable label # 571 (owned by Sandy Stanton, and actually a song-poem label). He had previously cut for Aggie the rockabilly classic « Rockabilly Rhythm ». Here we have « I’m Still Wondering Why » : McKown is joined by a certain Fiddlin’ Slim for this fast hillbilly rocker from 1957. Later on McKown went on Brass Records.

“I’m till Wondering Why”fable mckown wondering

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Two selections then by the RHYTHM HARMONEERS. On the Jamboree label 28001 (one of a few to have this name), they do « Women drivers », a fast shuffler, with vocals in unison. They previously had cut for the Flair label (Los Angeles) # 1003 (1950) « Good Old Chlorofyll» in the same manner.

jamboree harmoneers driversflair harmoneers chlorophyll“Women Drivers”

download “Women Drivers” “Good Old Chrorophyll”

Download “Good Old Chlorophyll”



In 1962 on the California Arlen label (# 1014) LESTER ROSE & the Tennnessee Road Runners do deliver two fine sides. « Alimony Blues », a half spoken tune, while its flipside « Wino Blues » has, as expected, hiccups. A good record to look for..arlen rose alimonyarlen rose wino

“Alimony Blues”

download “Wino Blues”

“Waiting In Vain”emperor perry waiting

download “Waiting In Vain”

From 1965 on the Wheeling, WVa. Emperor label # 266, the PERRY BROTHERS (Bob & Harry for two good unison vocals and a nice guitar on « Waiting In Vain ».

Finally LUCKY WHITE & the Dude Ranch Playboys on the Arizona label Courtney # 103, and « Down And Out Blues », which has a strong resemblance to « Milk Cow Blues ». Good, lazy vocal and piano. The legendary Leodie Jackson is on steel. White had also « Teddy Bear » on Courtney 129, while Jackson issued « That Naggin’ Wife Of Mine » on # 130. He also appeared on Jess Willard records (« Cadillac Blues », « Honky Tonk Boogie » and « Lonesome Dollar Bill ») and Johnny Tyler (« Freight Train Boogie »).

“Down And Out Blues”century white blues

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Sources : my warms thanks to Ronald Keppner for the Bullet sides ; Internet and my own archives for te rest.