I’m looking for…

Tom Sims’ actual address. Last seen in Spring Valley, Ca. Was a collector and dealer; Uh, finally I got Tom’s address, its: tsims2@san.rr.com. Huh-hah, this address is wrong, the message I sent came back undelivered. Can anyone give me the right one? Hope ole’ Tom is still alive! He may be about 50-54 now. Last news: a letter early in the 2000s. He was collecting stage clothes (more than 200!). Sees he’s got huge room for all these…

I’m looking too for a particular record. Mac Sims on Palos 1201 or Pacer 1201 (Drivin’ Wheel: thumping black rocker!). Can anybody help, at least the music on mp3 ? OK. I found it on a German CD!

I am looking for Jimmy Simpson (Republic, Hidus, Caprock) and Billy Barton (Abbott, King) label shots. Can anyone help? (April 5th, 2010). I found a scan of Hidus 2007 (I’m a high toned papa) (10th April, 2010) and a scan of Caprock 113 (I’m an oilfield boy)(11th April – thanks Andrew). Thanks to friends! Now both artists have their own feature in bopping!

I am selling an old German Castle LP 8214 of SLIM WILLET. Tracks: Don’t let the stars…(inst)/Leave me Alone Now/Live While We’re Young/Hungry Slim (inst)/Live Today As If You Knew/Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown/Villa cuna (inst)/Little Bluebirds Keep Singing/It’s Hard To Love Just One/Don’t Waste your Heart/Shibuya/Hadacol Corners. Rare sides (4 Star label). Condition: New (unplayed). Price: 15 €, or 17 $ + P&P.

I am looking for a particular EP on the Deadwood label (# 35901) by Rod Morris. The main track is “Weary blues“. I need a label scan of both sides, and mp3 of both sides please!

I am looking for any serious collector prepared to scan labels from his/her collection, to embellish future features in Bopping.org. Contact me, I am hungry for scans!

I need someone to write an essay about te McCORMICK BROTHERS (Hickory). I’ve got the music (via a Cattle CD), now I need an appreciation on it.

I AM LOOKING for Tennessee Slim on Speed 103 label scans: “Doggie house boogie/It’s raining tears“. Somebody help me please!

I NEED the first DOYLE WRIGHT issue on Imperial 8127 (scan + mp3) : “I’m not weeping over you/That’s why I cry“. Without doubt, first class Hillbilly bop from 1951!

I desperately want a particular track by LUE CAZZ, “Your picture“, a Vee-Jay unreleased track, only issued on P-Vine PCD 5217/4, called “Vee-Jay, the Chicago black music“. Do you already know the solid version Cazz did of “The walk“, backed by Jimmy McCracklin’ band?

I’m DESPERATELY looking for an mp3 of LUE CAZZ on (J) P-Vine double LP “The Vee-Jay”Jay years” (PCD 5271/4) for the track: “Your Picture’

For a future article on FRED CRAWFORD, I need a mp3 of his second Starday (# 145), “Love with such a past“.


Also for a research on fiddler MERLE ‘RED’ TAYLOR, I need the following: I FOUND ALL WHAT I WANTED (August 2017)

– Decca 28496 (Most of all/You can’t be a bride without a groom): label scans + mp3 of both tracks

– Decca 28741 (Gimme a little sugar/Suppose we try): label scan of B-side (Suppose..) and mp3 to both tunes.

Both Decca date from 1952-53. Note that Taylor was the vocalist/fiddler on Bill Monroe‘s “Uncle Pen” from 1950. This is a surprise of the forthcoming article!