Howdy folks ! Hello to newcomers, hi ! to returners. This is the early June 2018 selection of bopping tunes, also some rocking rockabilly blues tunes.

First artist on offer is Elmon Mickle, or over here called MODEL « T » SLIM. His whole story is told in Gérard Herzaft‘ site there : I chose both sides of Magnum 736 cut in 1966 in L.A., « Shake Your Boogie » and « Jackson, Tennessee ». Great so-magnum mickle shakecalled Black rockabilly : strong harmonica and vocal for both tracks. Slim/Mickel never deserved the fame he ought have had, considering the quality of his recordings.

“Shake Your Boogie”

“Jackson, Tennessee”


modern mickle machineRPM mickle woman

As a matter of comparison I include in the podcasts his very first sides cut in magnum mickle jacksonN. Little Rock in 1952, « My Little Machine (Modern 849) and « My Sweet Woman » (RPM 370), both recorded under the guidance of Jules Bihari during one of his field recordings in 1951-52. Young Ike Turner was at the piano stool for this session. Great ‘Southern’ post-war Blues ! Verging his first Europe tour where he was very popuar, he succumbed to cancer in 1977.

“My Little Machine”

“My Sweet Woman”


dean 50s picture

Al Dean

Next artist was obviously much younger than Elmore Mickle, and came from a very different area : AL DEAN & His All-Stars were from Texas, more precisely dean recent picfrom San-Antonio. He’d begin his career in 1958 on the Warrior label, which was founded in 1957 in Pleasanton, and relocated next year in San Antonio. Dean’s early records are represented by Warrior 506-B, « Fragile Heart », a light rockabilly bopper ; also the very Holly-ish boppers « I Shot Billy Joe » and «  Verge Of The Blues » (Warrior 508). Included an unissued Warrior song, which was first issued during the ’70’s, the fine rocker « Queen Of The Rock » (Bop-Tex 8001- reverse side is a reissue of « Fragile Heart ». Later on, Al Dean went on D records, and Manco among others. I will retain only the nice ballad « Sign Of The Times» issued by the Kik-R label # 206.

Fragile Heart”warrior dean fragile


“I Shot Billy Joe


kick-r dean times             “Verge Of The Blues”warrior dean shot


Queen Of The Rock”

downloadwarrior dean verge
Sign Of The Times”

On the King label in 1955 (issued August) I’ve got my eyes on CURLEY HOLIDAY. Both sides of # 4843 are boppers, but different in essence. Side A, « I Cried To A Foolish Heart » is a full of emotion slow ballad, although there were millions of songs like this at the time. Flipside « My Heart Cries Out » is an uptempo which show something more interesting (sparse instrumentation quite effective : nice guitar and steel).

king holiday cried“I Cried To A Foolish Heart”king holiday heart

“My Heart Cries Out

CLINTON O’NEAL comes next with the Country Drifters. Location of Drifter 103B « Big Bad Wolf » is unknown, and the publishing house « Guiding Light » (!) doesn’t give any clue. Anyone can help ? One thing for sure : it’s not the Michigan Drifter label (Jimmy Williams), and Lincoln & Blackburn do value it at $ 75-100. A very strong guitar (2 soli) and a cool vocal, a very desirable record.

“Big Bad Wolfdrifter o'neal wolf



Sources: mainlly YouTube, Gripsweat (soundfiles), 45cat, google for Model T Sm 78rpm. Comments and additioins/corrections welcome!