Hello, folks. Return over here of Summer’s heat. I suppose it’s the same for you. Here’s a bundle of Hillbilly boppers you can wander to even download ; indeed I am releasing not common tunes.

Abe Heape

First cut for the Stillwater, Oklahome label Rose in 1958, an Hillbilly rocker by ABE HEAPE (female), « Short Fellow Blues ».(# 116). This Rose label is no to be confused with the Cisco, Texas Rose label owned by Charlie Brown (4 superior sides) , from 1955 ; maybe for another forttnght’s selection.

Hank Locklin

Far well known is the next artist, HANK LOCKLIN, who during the early-to-mid ’50s cut a good amount of boppers. Here’s on 4 Star 1641, the fine bopper (steel and guitar solo, over a good voice, a bit like Hank Williams) : « I’m Tired Of Buming Arond ». . Later Locklin turned to pop country, like his Statemate Jim Reeves ; nevertheless his products on 4 Star are well worth looking for.

Forrest Lee And Cleet Stewart

« When I Hold You », a fast bopper with unison chorus, piano and fiddle, is to be found of the rare and small California label Chesterfield # 353 : FOREST LEE & CLEET STEWART are the artists, backed b a very young Buck Owens on guitar.

On the major Decca label (# 46361, from 1954) I am releasing « Give Me An C. Cola And A Moon Pie » (what a title) by LONZO & OSCAR. A fast bopper : mandolin solo, also fiddle – the whole song is joyful. One of my first experiences to bopping music during the ’70s. One of the two artists (I don’t know who) had a later career under the name of Ken Marvin.

Lonzo & Oscar

Neal Jones

A shuffler now (good fiddle) by a Texas artist, NEAL JONES, released at the end of Columbia 20000 serie : # 21415 : « I’m Playing It Cool » from 1955, a loose and free track.

Reggie Ward

On Nemo 1005, and from January 1951, an uptempo, joyful bopper with « Juke Box Baby » by REGGIE WARD & His Sons Of Texas. Vocal duty is held by Jack Ford. One can wonder if this is the same that came out later, e.g. on the Chess 4800 serie (1955-1956).

Tennessee Jim

From Kansas City, MO. now comes TENNESSEE JIM (McDonald). He does a fine uptempo with good solos (guitar, steel and fiddle) with « Hanging Out My Tears To Dry » on the Choice label # 846.


Hardrock Gunter>

Finally the well-known Alabamian.Sidney « HARDROCK » GUNTER, who was never reviewed in bopping. Here he is with « Hesitation Boogie » published January 1951 on Decca 46383, a solid bopper : great piano, guitar and prepossing vocal for this invitation the dance.

/span>Sources : my own archives ; Columbia files (W. Agenant for Neal Jones) ; 45 of the Ohio River (Jimmy Settle label) ; Bert Martins tapes (held back since the 1970s!) for Lonzo & Oscar ; Country Hicks 2 LP for Abe Heap, 7 for Tenn. Jim ; Bopping Hillbillies serie : 11 (Reggie Ward), 17 (Forrest Lee)