Howdy folks! Very bad times for me now (health and personal problems)
. I think I’ve reached the bottom, so things can only be better from now on! For this fortnight, I’ve chosen very different bopping tunes, that I hope will please you all. Please leave me your comments below. And if you have any particular title or artist hat you will be featured in the next articles, please let me know and I will do the utmost to satisfy you. Watch out for some forthcoming features! Now here we go:

KEN PATRICK « So You Love Me » Trend 603B.with Chet Tant on Steel guitar. 1961
Plaintive although fine and moving hillbilly/ Grand Canyon, AZ. Different to another Ken Patrick on Maken (« Night Train »).

RAYMON WEBB w. John Hampton & the Tipton Family « Bleeding Heart » Kyva 102B
(Kentucky/Va)./ « Bleeding Heart »
Slow hilllbilly. Plaintive vocal. Uninventive lead guitar. A good hillbilly anyway.

JACK FINCH & The Collin Cty Four « Nickels Wortth Of Pennies » Skippy 124 (1961)
Steel, nice electric bass, good vocal : Typical early 60s bopper.
« Why I’m Stepping Out » (A-side)
Good country-bopper. Same comment (good steel!)

KED KILLEN « Lonesome Blues » Western Ranch Music 119B (1965)
Disappointed haunting vocal, bluesy. Bopping guitar, moving solo.
Killen had other great bluesy records during the 60s (e.g. « Worried Blues »)

JOE FRANKLIN & his Mimosa Boys – « There’ll be no wedding bells for me » Blue Ridge » 401
A banjo all throughout, mandolin and fiddle. Double vocal on refrain. A fine Buegrass/Hillbilly record. Franklin had also a fantastic hillilly rocker double sider in 1953 on M-G-M with « Hillbilly Boy » and « Hitch-hiking Blues ».

Plays LOUD and CLEAR!

JACK WYBEE with the Rhythm Wranglers « Drifting Down The Stream » Dixiana 106A
Slow bopper, vocal OK, steel.

JOE HOLLIDAY « The Waiting Game » Dee 1261
piano country-rocker. Good vocal. {incomplete – missing beginning}
« So Much Love » (B-side)
Late ’50s country bopper, sincere and sympathetic vocal, a bit poppish.

In complete contrast Walker (as Lenie) published some Rockabillies between 1955 and 1958 among them the renowned double-sider (Blue Hen 230) “Ennie-Meey-Miney-Mo” and “No Use Knocking On My Door”, both solid rockers, aimed at aficionados in this style from 1958. The 45′ is valued at 400-500 $.

GENE STACKS « I Know (My Baby Loves Me) » Cooper 57 (1957)
Rockabilly guitar, joyful vocal, a bit « Sun » style rockabilly.A good record !

“Side Track Daddy” issued 1955 on the Delaware Blue Hen label does the transition between Hillbilly and Rockabilly to come.

Finally a great Rocking Blues tune :
LOUISIANA RED «  I’m Too Poor To Die » Glover 3002 (1964)
Trembling guitar and harmonica. (Red?). Stop-and-go vocal.

That’s it, folks! Sources? Too numerous to mention, sorry.Remember, your comments are welcome, and if you are a relative to any of the artists involved, just drop me a line. A picture appreciated!