Hello to everybody, hi to newcomers, this is the early August 2018 fortnight’s favorites selection.

We begin in San Antonio, Texas, with a group, the Southernaires, which backed in 1954 Arnold Parker for his issue on Sarg 106. Later Parker had « Found A New Woman «  on Starday (Custom serie) # 570 in June 1956, a strong and fiery rockabilly. On Sarg, among the Southernaires was the fiddler/vocalist HENRY BENNETSEN. His « Six More Days » is a jumping hillbilly tune, with vocal and fiddle well to the fore , while the flipside « What’s The Matter With you » has more of a bluesier Honky Tonk style (Sarg 105).

Southernaires arnold parker

Henry Bennetsen,Six More Days

What’s The Matter With You
sarg bennetsen dayssarg bennetsen matter

BENNETSEN paired with Homer Bade (guitar player?) also had on the small Humming Bird label (Houston) # 1010 the good double-sider « Cripple Heart » (a medium shuffler, nice vocals – during the chorus – and fiddle) backed with « Eternal Love », again a good shuffler (fiddle and a good guitar – Bennetsen solo vocal).

hummingbird homer&henry cripplehummingbird henry&homer eternal

Cripple Heart”

“Eternal Love”


smith zahner shake

Shake Baby Shake



From the Missouri apparently (« The Missouri Two ») comes HAROLD ZAHNER with Johnny Smith for a primitive rockabily, strong rhythm and forceful vocal : « Shake Baby Shake » issued on the Smith label # 17318. Hard to imagine an issue date, I’d say 1956-57.

From Atlanta, Ga., we find now The MELODY BOYS (Doyal and Grover) and their « Don’t Let Pride Take Our True Love Away » on Leo’s 2010. A good fiddle led duet, fast guitar and welcome steel, even a mandolin solo. A nice record for 1959. The second platter is more ordinary, « Who’ll Do The Crying Over You » (Leo’s 20113) with the same instrumentation.

Don’t Let Pride Take Our True Love Away”


Who’ll Do The Crying Over You”

larry dexterleo's melody prideleo's melody crying


LARRY DEXTER had only one record ever (except in the ’60s), that on Republic 7079 in 1954. A fast uptempo, strong fiddle solo and a really hillbilly pronunciation in « Throwing Kisses ». Later in 1963 Dexter had on Hit and Giant some pop country with a version of Dion’s « Ruby Baby ».

Throwing Kisses


republin dexter kisses

Back in 1939 BOB DUNN (trombonist and lap-steel player) delivered with Moon Mullican on piano and vocal a « Mean Mistreater », good welcome Western music on Decca 5694. What to do except listen to a swinging tune ?

“”Mean Mistreater”decca dunn mistreater


cowtown buskirk bluescowtown buskirk get

“Bartender’s Blues”


“Get With It”



From Avery, Texas on the Cowtown label, an interesting artist for two tracks : KENNY BUSKIRK. « Bartender’s Blues” (# 819) first is bluesy uptempo (good guitar solo and an assured vocal), then the very short shuffler (1mn) « Get With It » (# 832), equally good ; both were issued between 1964 and 1966.

From the West Coast come on the Los Gatos, Ca. Intrastate label (# 24) issued circa October 1955 « I May Not Be Able But I’m Willin’ To Try » by CHUCK RAY & His Gang. A very fast Western type song, fiddle during the chorus (it’s a vocal trio).

“I may Not Be Able But  I’m Willin’ To Try”

downloadintrastate ray able

Finally the PILGRIM BROTHERS on they obviously own label, Pilgrim # 2001, from the early ’60s. « (Slow) Cold Rain » is a rocker, with a good guitar (although uninspired solo).The whole thing moves !

plgrim pilgtrim slow

“(Slow) Cold Rain


With thanks to Ronald Keppner (Sarg files) and YouTube « Cheesebrew Wax Archives » chain, which proved very fruitful. I used also “Sarg Records – an anthology” on Bear Family.