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Johnny Horton (1951-1960) – Thanks to Richard Weize & Michel Ruppli: johnny-horton

Jerry Reed 1955-1998   jerry-reed-1955-1998

Johnny Bond 1958-1973   johnny-bond-1958-1973

Hickory 45s label  45-discography-for-hickory-records


Bill Carlisle (Mercury/RCA/Columbia) Richard Weize, additions by Michel Ruppli  carlisles-mercury-rcacolumbia-rem-1950-1962

collins Kids (Richard Weize)  collins-kids

Johnny Cash (1958-1969) Richard Weize add. Michel Ruppli  johnny-cash-1958-1969

Conway Twitty part 1 Richard Weize & michel Ruppli  conway-twitty-1956-1964

Conway Twitty part 2  conway-twitty-mca-1965-1977

Johnny Bond (1941-1957)(from Bond’s own notes-JEMF)  johnny-bond-columbia

Marty Robbins (1948-1979) Richard Weize & Michel Ruppli  marty-robbins-1948-1979

Ricky Nelson (1957-1980)(Russ Wapensky/Richard Weize/Bob Jones/MIchel Ruppli)  ricky-nelson-1957-1980

Moon Mullican 1936-1944   moon-mullican-1936

Jimmy Murphy 1951-1978  jimmy-murphy-discography

4 Star label  singles-discography-for-4-star-records

Starday 45s 1953-1970   45-discography-for-starday-records

Abbott  45s 1951-1957   45-discography-for-abbott-records

Jerry Irby 1945-1975   jerry-irby-disco

Wanda Jackson (PraguesFrank)  wanda-jackson

Tennessee Ernie Ford (Praguesfrank) tennessee-ernie-ford

Link Davis (compiled by Pierre Monnery) link-davis

Jimmy Simpson (Praguesfranck – Dick Grant & Al Turner)  Jimmy Simpson

Tennessee label (Al Turner) TENNESSEE

Billy Briggs (Praguefrank) Billy Briggs

Jimmy Heap (Praguefrank): Jimmy Heap

Autry Inman (Dick Grant) AUTRY INMAN disco

Frankie Miller Discography (Dick Grant)

Bill Mack (Praguefrank)

Webb Pierce (Praguesfrank): take care of the 4 * and Pacemaker sessions, a bit inaccurate.

Tommy Trent from Praguefrank’s

Johnny Tyler (from Praguefrank)

Jimmy Dawson (fromPraguefrank) – assembled by “yours truly”!

Melvin Price (Mel Price) (from Praguefrank)

Jack Bradshaw (Dick Grant) (from Praguefrank)

Sun-Ray label http://www.45rpmrecords.com/search/label.php (from 45rpm.com)


Bill Nettles (from Praguefrank)