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    I am selling CDs I am not listening anymore to. Excellent condition (being myself a collector, I take much care of music artifacts). I will add shipping costs afterwards.

    € 13,00; Jimmie Heap (Bear Family) € 12,00; inman réduitAutry inman (German Cattle) € 14,00;

    JIMMIE HEAP CD for € 12 ($ 15) : the best of his Capitol sides.

    One special release, on the Patuxent label from 2003, and a very hard-to-find one, by REECE SHIPLEY, “Tennessee Swing“. I think the CD is a self-produced one; it includes any of 1952 Shipley’s output on the Kingsport label: the original “Milk Bucket Boogie“, “Catfish Boogie” and “Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie Beat” – all infectious rhythm-rural hillbilly boogies; along with recent offerings (remaining tracks) by Shipley, very highly interesting Country bop. The CD comes with pictures, is played but once, is sold at € 15,00 (or $ 18,00). If interested, please holler me at: Thank you . Payment by Paypal. Contact me first.

    shipley frontshipley rear

    Two more CDs (January 9th, 2012): ROY HALLDiggin’ That Rock-a-Billy Boogie” on TRG 505 101 (1995) (European origin, maybe Germany or Holland), which includes 28 tracks, the entire recorded output of Hall, comprising of both issued and unissued tunes. “”ig That Boogie”, See You later Alligator”, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” (original to  J. Lee Lewis’ version), “Rock’n’Roll Grandpa”, “Three Alley Cats”, “Dirty Boogie”, “Mule Boogie”, all cut for Decca, Fortune, Hi-Q and Bullet. Hard-to-find CD, Sold at € 17,00 ($ 20,00).


    CD TMK 505 101 Roy Hall

    DUB DICKERSON‘s entire output (Imperial, Capitol, some unissued tracks)

    for € 12 ($ 15)






    3 Bear Family CDs  of JACK GUTHRIE: his entire output (82 tracks), either Capitol recordings, either Capitol transcriptions (1945-1947). “Oakie Boogie“, “Milk Cow Blues“, “Bow Down Brother“, etc. The whole story of this important and influential artist. CDs heard (and uploaded!) but once. Each CD: € 12 ($ 15). The lot of the 3 CDs: € 30 or $ 35














    Then, two LP albums by SLIM WILLET, “Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes” (instrumental version, very rare!) (G) Cattle 8214. 50’s sides. NEW ALBUM, never been played. 12 € (or 15 $)

    slim frontrondelle A rondelle BBoppin’ Hillbilly” vol. 16” (NL WL 2816). I have this album in double. NEW, UNPLAYED. 12 € (or 15 $). 19 various artists: Arkie Shibley, Paul Westmoreland, Black Jack Wayne, and others. Great sound, taken from original 78/45. Fabulous Hillbilly Bop! Many sides unavailable on CD!

    boppin 16 front

    front cover Boppin’ Hillbilly 16

    bopping 16 rear

    rear cover Boppin’ Hillbilly 16




    rondella A

    sticker side A

    rondelle B

    sticker side B


















    A real rarity now on Crown (# 5321), “Country Music Stars“. Rare sides by AL TERRY (Hickory Cajun/Rockabilly artist) and JOHNNY TYLER (Rural Rhythm origin). Album from ’63, in very good shape, cover neither torn nor even faded. No skips, no scratches. Priced at € 10,00 ($ 13,00), it’s a bargain! crown 5321 front 400










    More albums. Bob Wills, “Fiddle” on Country Music Foundation (1987): 20 instrumental tunes, an half previously unissued, from 1935 to 1941. A MUST for Wills fans. € 10.00, or $ 16.00.

    A British compilation on the specialized Detour label of Hillbilly bop sides from the RCA-Victor label, “Hillbilly Hound Dawgs and Honky Tonk Angels” (33-008) (1989). The record is as new, and comes with the likes of Jack Turner (his own version of “Hound dog“), Jack Tucker, Charline Arthur (2 tracks), Lee Bell, Eddie Marshall, Janis Martin, Wade Ray (2 tracks), Terry Fell, Curtis Gordon (2 tracks) and others.(€ 9, or $ 12



    More on the same Detour label (still from the RCA-Victor vaults), “More Ballroom Kings” (Detour 33-005)(1987): Pee Wee King (2 tracks), Hal Lone Pine, Jesse Rogers, Texas Jim Robertson (“Jaw Jaw Yap Yap Yap” !!), Jim Boyd, Hank Penny, Eddie Hill, Johnny Tyler – all in all, a throbbing late ’40s/early ’50s Hillbilly bop compilation. € 8, or $ 11.

    Moon Mullican, a fine LP of his best King sides on the U.S. Western 2001 label, “Seven nights to rock“. Excellent sound and notes. € 10.00 or $ 14.00. Ray Price, “Collector’s Choice” (US Harmony 11172). All Price’s early (1951-53) Hillbilly bop sides for Columbia. Unavailable elsewhere. Nice condition. € 11.00 or $14.00.



    Luke Gordon on World Artist LP 5001  “Picture Show” from 1980. Gordon redoes “Goin’ Crazy” or “Mustache on Cabbage Head” (see in the site the feature on Gordon’s career), as well as fine Country rockers like “Alimony” or “Oblivion”. Disc near mint, once played 2/3 times. € 10.00 or $ 14.00.

    Glen Glenn, “Rockabilly legend” on Swedish Sunjay 572, from 1987. A great, great album of Rockabilly and Rock-a-ballads, done in Glenn’s style, many songs unavailable elsewhere (TV live tunes, “Baby I Don’t Care” among others). A must for Rockabilly fans. € 10.00 or $ 12.00.

    Then both German Cattle albums (# 29 and 30) of a very underrated honky tonk Houston artist, James O’Gwynn. All his output from 1956 to 1960 is here (Starday/Mercury/D), gathered in two albums. Excellent notes and sound. Both do sell for € 18.00, or $ 21.00.

    Then Lonnie Glosson only album. He had tunes on the Rimrock label (’60s), and only reissued here on the Old Homestead label. Fine harmonica (train/baby imitations!). € 10.00 or $ 13.00.


    Finally for this time (July 27th, 2012), Eddie Dean and his classic Sage album C 16, in nice condition (cover a little torn). “Impatient Blues” will please you, as “Hillbilly Heaven“!. A classic album from 1961. € 8.00 or $ 11.00. And a Jimmy Walker album on the Old Homestead label: all his Coast sides (1945-1947). As new condition: € 11.00 or $ 13.00.













    All these albums do come from my collection, and are first-hand items. I can have you bargain price, if you buy more than one item!

    January 16th 2013. Another album by the BLANKENSHIP BROTHERS on the (their) U.S. Blue Sky label (1999): all their output on Skyline (“That’s Why I’m Blue“, “Hard Up Blues“) or Bluegrass (as the label says, Rockabilly too). Fantastic primitive (although 1960 cut) Rockabilly and fervent Bluegrass. 12 songs. Pristine copy. €  10.00 or $ 14.00.









    Some 45s, sold as lots. Every 45 is in excellent condition, and every lot will be well-packed. Postage paid EVERYWHERE! 1rst lot: 4 BIG HOWDY  (Bogalosa, La) label 45s, late ’60s. Priced lot € 10,00 ($ 12,00). 3 JEFF DANIELS (aka Luke McDaniels) with three GREAT Country rockers, sparse instrumentation, I think they were demos. Daniels is in great voice with a strong rhythm guitar: “Foxy Dan” (a revamp of an older version on Astro), # 8121; “Uh-Huh-Huh” # 8120; “Hard luck” (a very fine fast Country blues flavored Rocker) # 8122. 1 by Dayward Penny, “Come back Baby“, # 8102. Fine country rock by an altogether unknown artist. big howdy 8121 aniels foxybig howdy 8122 daniels hard luckbig howdy 8120 daniels uh-huh-huhbig howdy 8102 penny









    2nd lot: 2 Memphis’ Erwin label 45s (late ’50s). Good rockers. CHUCK HENSLEY (“Tall Man”, # 503), The MONARCHS IV (“Weekend”, # 1065). Price: € 8.00  ($ 11.00)











    3rd batch: 7 Memphis’ Glo-Lite label 45s. Average Country rockers, early ’60s .  Price: € 12,00 ($ 18,00)(postage included). Jay Hadley,Charlie Bee, Roy Jones (2), Ray Austin, Roy Alden, Buster Brown (NOT the Blues harmonica player). glolite 108 jay hadleyglolite 99 roy jonesglolite94 buster brown











    Then, books and revuesOld Time Music” (Tony Russell’s magazine): 24 issues between 1972 and 1989. Excellent condition. Lot of facts, infos on early Country/Hillbilly/Western swing artists. Still a mine of information. I am selling the 24 issues as a lot for € 35,00 (or 45,00 $). Each issue is at 2,50 € (or 3,50 $).

    otm 4 réduit 2

    OTM 4 (1972)


    OTM 45 (1989)

    Old Time Music : details of the different issues







    Michel Ruppli’s  (the famous discographer): M-G-M labels. Vol. 2 (1961-1982) – every MGM session,  for 30 € (or 36 $), MINT, STILL SEALED, NEVER OPENED. M-G-M labels. Vol. 3 (additions/list of artists/ and corrections from 1946 to 1981) for € 25.00 (or 38.00 $), MINT, STILL SEALED, NEVER OPENED.

    MGM vol 2 (1961-1982)MGM vol 3 (additions & corrections)                     Contact me first, it depends of your country for the postal costs.