fargo 1116B low down bluesfargo 1111B It's too lateThis time, the artist, whom we know little of, will be presented mostly by his music and his compositions.

BILLY HUGHES, born Everett Ismael September 14, 1908 at Sallislaw, Oklahoma, settled in the 30s in California following the Okies’ exodus. From 1945, Billy Hughes & his Buccaroos engraved until 1959 a slew of very good hillbilly boppers, some of which became classics, such as “I’m tellin’ you,” “Tennessee Saturday Night” and “Take your hands off it (Birthday cake) ». Many artists took them over, to name a few : Ernest Tubb, Red Foley, Jack Guthrie, Johnny Tyler, Jess Willard, Cowboy Sam Nichols, Bud Hobbs or Skeet’s McDonald – even Tennessean old-timer Kirk McGee. Hughes’ music is usually relaxed, ‘lowdown’ with a Western swing touch, which is normal since Hughes frequented the best artists of the West coast. So he wrote dozens of songs, and hung up during the 60s. He had owned the Fargo label, active in 1946 in Los Angeles (Sam Nichols, Terry Fell, Johnny Tyler) and issued a strange « Atomic sermon » in 1953. He disappeared May 6, 1995 in Horatio, Arkansas.


I’m tellin’ you” (Fargo, 1946)

fargo 111A I'm tellin' you

Jess WillardI’m telling you” (1957)

ka hi 127 jess willard I'm telling you

Take your hands off of it” (Birthday cake) (Fargo)


fargo 1119A take your hands off of it

Skeet’s McDonaldBirthday cake boogie” (Fortune, 1950)

download fortune 165B skeet's

Red FoleyTennessee saturday night“(Decca, August 1947)

downloaddecca 46136 red foley tennessee saturday night

Al Vaughn, “She’s an Okie” (4*, 1950)

download4 star 1232 al vaughn

Billy HughesLow down baby“(Fargo 1946)



Billy HughesIt’s too late to change your mind” (Fargo, 1946)


Billy HughesMilk cow blues“(Fargo, 1946)


Eddie CochranMilk Cow Bluesem>” (BBC 1960)downloaddownload

rockstar cochran milk
Billy HughesMemphis, Tennessee” (Fargo, 1946)

downloadfargo 501A memphis, tennesseefargo 1115B milk cow blues

Kirk McGeeIt’s too late to change your mind” (Tennessee 798, 1951)


Billy Hughes,”Cocaine blues” (King, 1947)


Billy HughesNext to the soil” (Fargo, 1946)


as Buccaroo BillyBlue as I can be” (Gilt-Edge, 1949)


fargo 1117A next to the soilgilt-edge 5037 buccaroo blue as I can be

Billy HughesYou done daddy dirty” (4*, 1949)

downloadHUGHES 4STAR ET 19A

Billy HughesAtomic sermon” (Space, 1953)






space 1002A atomic sermon

king 636A cocaine blues

Thanks to Allan Turner and his blogsite “Hillbilly researcher” for the Fargo sides. Sounds mostly from Hillbilly Researcher CD devoted to Billy Hughes (thanks Uncle Gil). Wikipedia for personal facts and compositions.