Eddie Zack, Cousin Richie & the Dude Ranchers: Providence, RI. Hillbilly and Rockabilly

Eddie Zack (Edward Zackarian, from Armenian ancestry) was born on March 5, 1922 in Providence, Rhode Island. His first introduction to country music was in high school and at age 17, he organized his first hillbilly band, consisting of a banjo player, a washtub- and washboard player, and various spoon- and harmonica players. Among the band’s members was Eddie’s younger brother Richard (also known as “Richie”, “Cousin Richie” and, later, “Dick Richards”) who was born on January 16, 1925. When both brothers joined the marines during the War, their band came to an early end.

eddie zack pic
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early July 2009 fortnight

Well, you’re in for another good time with rarities! First the 40s withthe late great Ernest Tubb (Billy Byrd on electric guitar) for the classic “I Ain’t Going Honky Tonking Anymore” – love the cool vocal! Next an unnown Charlie Fairclothh (or nearly forgotten these days) for the lively “Coffee, Cigarettes & Tears” – nice lazy vocal too. Then we go Hillbilly Bop/Rockabilly with the fast version of Bill Monroe’s “Rocky Road Blues” by Boston’s Eddie Zack (arian) complete with fiddle solo and steel (1955 Columbia). Now a real berserk wildie: Jim (my) Myers and “Drunkman’s Wiggle” on Fortune. REAL STRONG STEEL. Another wildie in Rocking Blues this time, way down south: Leroy Washington, 1958, Guitar Gable soloist on the great “Wild Cherry” (Excello). We come to an end with a piano master, Memphis Slim alone for a bluesy “The Lord Have Mercy”. Hope you N-joy! Welcome comments…