Late April 2012 fortnight’s favorites

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Ready for a new batch of bopping Hillbilly and Rockabilly? This time I concentrate myself on obscure artists..So I feel uninspired, and my comments will be minimal, sorry.

From Texas and Fort Worth comes RAYMOND PARISH for the fine medium hillbilly bop, including fiddle, “I’m Packin’ Up  And Moving out” on the High Line label (# 102). Don’t know when it was recorded, I’d assume late ’50s.

high-line parish packin'

beagle montgomery right

Let’s turn back East: Natchez, Mississipi. GRAY MONTGOMERY offers a bordering Rockabilly tune, with “Right Now” on the Beagle label (# 101). It’s even billed “Rockin vocal”.









Later – 1963 – a Starday custom record from one of the Carolinas: Flop 1012 and the medium “Got It Made (in The Shade)“. Here LES WALDROOP is backed only by bass and lead guitar: Wade & Mickey, as shown on the label.

1961. JIMMY WELCH does a fast country-rock tune, “Searight Blues” on the Alabama based A-B-S label (# 146).

flo waldroop shadeabs welc searight











On the Mac label (unknown place), we have got now BOB ROARK & the Country Band for the fine melodic ” The Road To Your Heart” (# 467).

Finally the classic Nashville sound in Hillbilly bop, from April 1953: TOM ANDERSON, “As The Hands Go ‘Round The Clock” (M-G-M 11589).

mac roark roadm-g-m anderson hands