January 2022 3rd week’s favorites

Howdee, folks! this post is unusual .When I posted late December 2021 fortnight’s favorites’ selection, by mistake I posted early January 2022 too. That’s why in order to get you paient for late January fortnight, I decided to post a week’s favorites in the meantime. So here it is an occasional post just to wet you appetite for more boppers.

BUTTERBALL PAIGE, “I’m To Old To Boogie Anymore”, Bullet 695a
fine bpoper; joyful vocal, lotsa steel

Afterwards Gunter was a very prolific artist until the late ’60s, , having recorded at Bama (the justly acclaimed « Gonna Dance All Night »), King, Decca, M-G-M, Sun (#201, #238), Emperor, Island (as Sydney Jo Lewis), GeeGee, Starday, Eagle and Heather Enterprises (as Rock Gunter).. He also duetted 3 times with Roberta Lee and Buddy Durham. What a recordi ccarrere

HARDROCK GUNTER & The Pebbles : My Bucket’s Been Fixed Bullet 690
Medium uptempo, nice lead guitar (Gunter?) and cool vocal.
Afterwards Gunter was a very prolific artist until the late ’60s, ,

Next tune is very melodic, late ffties or early sixties :»I Was Standing Too Close To A Heartache » from 1964 on Kocobo 1009 by BILLY TIDWELL & the Chivlles.. A sort of soft country Rocker. On the reverse a fine version of Johnny Cash’s « Folsom Prison Blues » (not included).

Next artist, Jimmy Lee (rn ; Fautheree) also had numerous records on his own name, or as non-sibling duets. First alone in 1954 on Capitol # 3012 with the fine, fast bopper- lotsa fiddle – « Open For Trade ». Earlier he had been on Louisiana Feature label with « If You Don’t, Somebody
Else Will » (Feature 1092) – no success at all, until he re-recorded the tune at Capitol, which did hit big ; He then teamed up with WAYNE WALKER on Chess out of Chicago. They issued the furious, splendid (sublime aggressive steel) « Love Me ».(Chess 4863 At the times being a common phrase in American popular music (e.g. Buddy Holly’s Rockabilly in 1956 on Decca). The pair of fellows do a proto-rock’n’roll with this berserk wildie  ; urgent vocal, cut under supervision of the famous talent-scout Stan Lewis at Shreveport, La. KWKH studio.

Now a short entry into the fiield of polished Honky Tonk with CARL SMITH and his « Back Up Buddy » Columbia 21226).

Back to earthy Hillbilly on the Shreveport (or to be precise, the near Monroe town). JIMMY PICKARD cut on Jiffy 209 a very good doublesider. The side to look for is the A-side, « I Got Another Love », while the reverse « Hold On », although quieter is not odd.

Now it’s over. I made up my mind to issue this week’s favorites, to offset the absence of early January fortnight, already published in December by error.

No source this time, because lack of time and urgency, sorry! Howevera special big thank ou to Big All turner, who oidentiied the Jimmy Lee track “Open for trade”.