Early October 2021 bopping fortnight’s favorites

Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night

by Hardrock Gunter

The veteran HARDROCK GUNTER does provide us his « Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night » (Decca 46300) cut in 1950. A nice bopper, an happy song. Good guitar and vocal.

Next, JOHNNY RECTOR, singer fronting Blackie Crawford and the Western Cherokees, a Houston group, does « If They Ever Get Together » : a bopper – steel, piano and fiddle.

Dub Adams on stage (’40s)

The fine DUB ADAMS with an instrumental « Pocahutas Stomp » on the Dude label (Dude JB 1498) : steel, piano and drums. Western tinged.

From the South now, JOHNNY FOSTER does offer « Turn Me Loose » on Capa 233. A duet, jumping country song, shrill guitar and a good guitar solo.

DAVE BROCKMAN had a disk on Starday Custom, the great « Feel Sorry For Me ». Here he is on the Pea-nut label # 1001 with « My Angel’s Gone to Hell ». Surely a Southern label. He’s been on the Fayette label # 1002 too.

The King of Yodel American Singers, as they call him, KENNY ROBERTS in his finest hour (Coral 64032). Intro by harmonica, a nice bopper, fine lyrics. The song was issued too by Lonesome Willie Evans on London and Little Jimmy Dickens on Columbia.

1929-30 the Godfather of Country music JIMMIE RODGERS did two of his better-known tune, « Mean Mama Blues » (with brass acc.) and « Never No More Blues », (flipside to « Mule Skinner Blues »)both cut by Victor. Both of them were revived by AL RUNYON on the Kentucky label, respectively # 577 and 581. Slow songs, only acc. by guitar. Runyon closely copies here Rodgers.

LARRY GOOD on the Kansas City label R (« Our ») # 517 cut a good Rockabilly with « Pick Up Your Hammer » ; good guitar, the vocal is OK

Finally from Louisiana, the romping « Drunkard’s Two Step » by ROBERT BERTRAND. Steel and accordion backing. Fais DoDo # 1000 (a colloquial word for dance halls)

Sources : many ; YouTube for several(Johnny Foster, Dub Adams) ; the others from my own archives.

Late December 2015 fortnight’s favorites: a merry bopping Xmas (thirteen selections, 1950-1963), y’all!

For this Xmas 2015, as a gift, you faithful visitors of bopping.org will get 13 (yes, thirteen) selections, instead of the usual only 6 ; although for several months I gradually posted more and more tunes. Merry bopping Xmas to y’all !



« Deep Elem blues » was first recorded by the SHELTON BROTHERS (Bob & Joe on vocals and mandolin/guitar) in February 1935 in Chicago (Decca 5422), before the Prairie Ramblers gave their own version in August of the same year. The song refers to the black quarter in Dallas, where you need 50 $ because of the red headed women there. It was an immediate success, revived by others over the years, namely by JERRY LEE LEWIS, whose 1957 version remained unissued in the Sun archives for 40 years ! Same year saw the WILBURN BROTHERS‘ version (Decca 29887) : Doyle & Ted do a fine job on this song. Later on Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) and Levon Helm had their versions too, outside the scope of this blog, as they say.

decca  shelton-brothers  deep

sun 78 logo

Shelton BrothersDeep Elem blues


Jerry Lee LewisDeep Elem blues


Wilburn Brothers (Teddy & Doyle)”Deep Elem blues

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Starday custom 651-675 (July-October 1957): 7th part

Since Malcolm Chapman did suspend some time in 2011 his study on Starday custom in his excellent blogsite, all we have is a short survey of records I did hear.

COWTOWN RECORDS 651   HARRY PEPPEL and the Shenandoah Valley Rangers  Vocals by Alice Brammer



Po Box 1694, Fort Worth, TX                            Jul 57  (Billboard Review on 15th August 1957)cowtown peppel baby


45-651-A – No Baby No

(M.L. Miller / J.W. Stephenson)   (***)

45-651-B – Take A Letter, Mr. Moon

(M.L. Miller / J.W. Stephenson)   (***)



starday rainwater broke


45-652-A – I Broke My Heart Waltzing           

(C Johnson / V Graves)   (Starrite BMI)

45-652-B – The Man That Wrote Home Sweet Home 

                                (Never Was A Married Man)

(None listed)   (Starrite BMI)

A lively fast hillbilly bopper, nice guitar. Short steel solo.

BMI Clearance on 27th September 1957.


PO Box 111, Jefferson, GA.

Aug 57


45-653-A – The Hardest Fallpeach bailey fall

(Kenneth Bailey)   (Starrite BMI)

45-653-B – You’ve Always Got A Frown

(Kenneth Bailey)   (Starrite BMI)

BMI Clearance on 11th October 1957.



Aug 57


House Of God

(No info)   (No info)

Footprint Of Jesus

(No info)   (No info)

Tenderly He Watches Over Me

(No info)   (No info)

Where Shall I Be On That Judgement Day

(No info)   (No info)



1206 West Joseph St, Perryville, MO.

Aug 57stardust mcrlll money

CHANDOS McRILL and the Perryville Melody BoysChanos McRill

45-655-A – Money Lovin’ Woman

( C McRill / E LaHomme)   (Starrite BMI)

45-655-B – Little Bit Too Bashful

(C McRill / E LaHomme)   (Starrite BMI)

BMI Clearance on 11th October 1957.

Fantastic hick vocal double-sider. Side A is focused on guitar sounding like a steel; B side has

sewing fiddle all along, even a nice solo. A must!



606 Pierre Ave, Shreveport, LA

Aug 57


45-656-A – Ho’Bo’s Heaven

(Hardin)   (Starrite BMI)

45-656-B – I’ve Wasted My Love On You

(Hardin)   (Starrite BMI)

BMI Clearance on 11th October 1957.


STARDAY RECORDS 657starday walker tennessee

Aug 57


45-657-A – Rock and Roll (Tennessee Style) :Falls into the white rock category, with a nice saxophone (solo) and a wild guitar.

(Walker)   (Starrite BMI)

45-657-B – I’ll Always Be In Love With You

(Walker)  (Starrite BMI)

BMI Clearance on 11th October 1957.



Aug 57


45-658-A – All Because Of You: Lively side, is Martin really Red Smith? I also hears he was Bob Newman.starday martin becausestarday scoggins waiting

(Red Smith)   (Starrite BMI)

45-658-B – Do You Still Love Me

(Red Smith)   (Starrite BMI)

BMI Clearance on 11th October 1957.




Aug 57

HOYT SCOGGINS – Curley Bingham and Band

45-659-A – Waiting For An Answer

(James Backley)   (Starrite BMI)

45-659-B – One Heart, One Love

(H Scoggins / O. Milsap)   (Starrite BMI)

BMI Clearance on 25th October 1957.

A-side: a lively banjo led bluegrass number. Two nice fiddle solos.



Aug 57starday holmes half


45-660-A Half A Chance : a lively side. Strong guitar.

(Leon Holmes)   (Starrite BMI)

45-660-B Lost Love

(Leon Holmes)   (Starrite BMI)

BMI Clearance on 25th October 1957.



Sept 57


661-A – Baby

(No info)   (No info)

661-B – Tell Me

(No info)   (No info)



WBVI, Barberville, KYdixie hubbard sweet

Sept 57


45-662-A – If I Had A Nickel For Every Time You’re Untrue

(David Lundy)   (Starrite BMI)

45-662-B – Sweet Love: a fabulous version of the Jimmy & Johnny/Johnny Burnette’s “Sweet love On My Mind”. Strong vocal, wild guitar. A must. Hubbard was also on Lee (Cincinnati)

(Ray Hubbard)   (Starrite BMI)

BMI Clearance on 15th November 1957.

Note:  On December 11th, 2014, the Starday specialist Nate Gibson says that “Sweet love” is not at all a Jimmy & Johnny song, but a Hubbard original that was later covered by Rusty York. Thanks Nate. I should have kicked mysef: the song is signed “Ray Hubbard”!


Sept 57

BILL FLOYD – music by the Swingstersstarday floyd boy

663-A – Hey Boy: a very fine shuffling hillbilly bop: fiddle and guiar (solo) over a relaxed vocal

(No info)   (No info)

663-B – Heartbreak

(No info)   (No info)

Billboard review on 14th October 1957.



STARFIRE 664 BILLY MATCH and the Starfires

Orlando, FL September 1957

I Want My Baby: fine white rock with chorus (doo wop influenced). Remember Jerry Arnold’s “Race For Time”. Very solid.starfire match want

Girl Of Mine

This artist was actually Billy J. Killen


SHOTT 665 HERBIE SHOTTschott schott tomorrow

Van Wert, OH September 1957

You’ll Cry Tomorrow / A Tip From A Fool


DIAMOND 666 GENE HARPER and his Saddle Pals


Thank The Lord For The Rain / Jesus Is A Friend To Me



Pritchard, AL. September 1957venus mcdaniel mind

You’re Still On My Mind (McDaniel): an average slow ballad by the “Whoa Boy” man.

Homeward Mule (McDaniel): fast folkish number

STARDAY 668 LARRY NOLEN and the Banditsstarday nolen king

larry nolenBlue River

King Of The Ducktail Cats: topical lyrics. Great guitar. A must!

also on Sarg (see elsewhere in this site)


STARDAY 669 DANNY BROCKMAN and his Twilight Ramblers

Foolish Pride (Bailey-Kaiser)

Feel Sorry For Me (Jimmy Logsdon) : urgent vocal over a very good backing (guitar, steel). Uptempo. A great track


STARDAY 670 JOYCE LOVE with Curley Sanders and his Santones

Why Did You Leave Me (Sanders-Shirley-Sprowls)

Peace Of Mind (Love): a fabulous bluesy ballad. Welcome female strong voice. A nice guitar.

starday bockman feelstarday love peacestardust voorhies load

STARDUST 671 LEE VOORHIES and his Ozark Country Boys

Kansas City, MO. October 1957

Load Up My Blues (Voorhies): uptempo song. Fantastic hick vocal, nice guitar. A must! Similar to Westport sides (see elsewhere in this site the Westport label story)

Hand In Hand (Voorhies)

This artist also recorded as Lee Finn on Westport Records.


CORVETTE 672 JOHNNY SKILES with the Harmony Ranch Hands

Portland, OR.

The Twinkle In Your Eyes (Johnny Skiles): avery fine uptempo rockaballad, atmospheric – lot of steel. Skiles had other fine records on Rural Rhythm, Romac.

Ghost Of My Lonely Past (Johnny Skiles): “ghost” song – steel for good effect.corvette skiles twinkle


STARDAY 673 BILLIE & GORDON HAMRICK with Red Farrellstarday hamrick crel

Cruel Jealous Heart (Nell Palmer)

Gypsy Waltz (Nell Palmer)


STARDAY 674 FRANK EVANS and his Top Notchersstarday  evans patent

I Got A Patent (On My Kind Of Love)(Jimmy Dunkin)

Lonesome Love (Bonnie Burke)


STARDAY 675 : no details