Early March 2018 bopping fortnight’s favorites (1947-1952)

Hello folks. This blog was launched exactly 9 years ago. Already 438 articles later, and still alive and well ! Thanks for visiting. This is the early March 2018 fortnight’s favorites.

First an almost certainly late ’40s recording done in Nashville, « Hillbilly City, Nashville Tenn. » by ERNIE BENEDICT & his Range Riders (vocal: Roy West). It’s a fast moving tune – fiddle accompaniment and handclaps item. Full of energy. Issued even in Nederland on the Continental label # 8034!

Hillbill City, Nashville, Tenn.

downloadErnie Benedict "Hillbilly City, Nashville Tenn."

AL CLAUSER & The Oklahoma Outlaws for the next two tracks was not a newcomer. His career dates from the mid-30s. Here « Move it over Rover » (Dog House Blues) on the Bullet label # 720 from 1950 is an uptempo bopper. Half-spoken (vocal Norman Hart) upon a call-and-response format, indeed based on Hank Williams’ « Move it on over » (which was itself a revamp of an old traditional). The flipside « My sweet mama » is a medium shuffler with steel.

Move it Over Rover





Al Clauser & his Oklahoma Outlaws - "Move It Over Rover (Dog House Blues)"


My sweet mamaAl Clauser &his Oklahoma Outlaws "My Sweet Mama"


The remaining tracks of this fortnight are all by LLOYD WEAVER, another artist originally out of Texas (KTUL, Waco). His first record was “Virginia (of West Virginia)” on Blue Bonnet 110 from 1947: a very Western swing styled record. later on the Bullet stable, as « Cowboy Pal » Lloyd Weaver ( # 663). The recording was first issued on Dude 1600, in Dallas. « Kue-Tee-Kue » is an utempo in the Tex Williams style, on a banjo rhythm (solo) backed by a steel. The flipside « Too many tears » is a medium weeper, with an extrovert vocal – a trademark of Weaver – over a rinky-dink piano. Then on # 1607 a fine uptempo “Like the leaves (I fell for you)” backed with a romping, fast “My Honey Bee“. Note that both Dude and second Coral records were credited to ‘Loyd’ with just one ‘l’.

"Cowboy Pal" Lloyd Weaver "Too Many tears""Cowboy Pal" Lloyd Weaver "Kue-Te-Kue"Loyd Weaver "My Honey Bee"


Too many tears


My honey bee

Like the leaves (I fell for you)

On Coral 64143 (issued November 1952) and two excellent boppers. Vocal is perfect hillbilly, and again that rinky-dink piano for « Steppin’ out and sneakin’ in ». Flipside is equally good, « One wheel draggin’ », a fast bopper – steel solo is inventive. This June 26th, 1952 recording session provided two more tracks:

Billboard November 15, 1952

Steppin’ out and sneakin’ in”Loyd Weaver, "Summer 1944"Loyd Weaver "Steppin' Out And Sneakin' In"

Loyd Weaver "one Wheel Draggin'"One wheel draggin'”


The second Coral offering (# 64155) has the fine bluesy medium « Woman trouble blues » with even some yodel à la Hank. Reverse side is « After my love has turned to hate », a good vocal medium fiddle led tune.

Woman trouble blues

“After my love has turned to hate

Loyd Weaver "Woman Trouble Blues"Loyd Weaver "After My Love Has Turned To Hate"
Sources : as usual 78rpm site ; YouTube for music, also Hillbilly Researcher archives for Coral sides ; « A shot in the dark » for Al Clauser details.


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