early March 2014 fortnight’s favorites

Howdy y’all, folks. A little bit late, back from holidays. Here is my new choice of favorites. As usual, a selection of tunes of the great era.
HARRY HANSON on the Louisiana Empire label (# 795, a Starday custom) with “Just remember” from 1959. Fine primitive hillbilly bop which could well have been cut 3 or 4 years earlier.
empire 795B Harry hanson just remember

fortune 185 cal davis partnership love affair rec

Harry Hanson, “Just remember”


Cal Davis, “Partnership love affair”









From Detroit on Fortune 185, CAL DAVIS and rockabilly “Partnership love affair“, complete with steel and guitar.
Two sides by the very good EUEL HALL from Texas, on the Towne House label (# 11). Lazy vocal, assuring guitar for “Blue feeling” and “Stand in line“. Cross between hillbilly bop and rockabilly.

towne house 11 euell hall blue feeling

tex 105B billy barnett tired of your honky tonk love rec

towne house 11 euel hall stand in line

Euel Hall “Stand in line”

Euel Hall, “Blue feeling”


BILLY BARNETT now and the minor classic “Tired of your honky tonk love” on the Phoenix Tex label (# 105). Fine guitar.
And finally, a fast bluegrass bopper by KEN CLARK, “Big man” on Starday 495 from 1960. Great banjo and mandolin backing. Ken Clark was also on the Nashville label (see elsewhere in the site).
Billy Barnett “Tired of your honky tonk love”


starday 495 ken clark big man
Ken Clark, “Big man”