early January 2012 fortnight’s favourites

First of all, my best, warmest wishes to you all, my friends all over the world. January is a a traditional time for taking stock of things in anyone’s life. Having launched this blogsite early February 2009, I am proud and glad to have attracted more than 43.000 visitors. More than often, someone clicks on the banner then walks away. No matter. More often, friends do take some more time to dig deeper into the site, find something to read, or listen to, or download. Then some send comments, ask for more information, I am only pleased to give in return anytime I can. This is the fabulous world community that Internet permits. This way I got in touch with long-forgotten artists’ siblings, who were amazed discovering that their grand-father or grand-uncle was known elsewhere in the world; sometimes they didn’t even had listened to any music by him, having only heard he had made one or two records during the Fifties! Be sure, friends, I will keep up the good work, and maintain the tenuous link between ’50’s Country music lovers all around the world. God bless Bopping music!

On to this fortnight’s favorites’ selection. From I-don’t-know-where, we begin with STEVE LA RUE (with Spoke Little and Bros.) on the Harmad (# 101) label, for this 1954 declaration about women’s false feelings – the subject is not new! “Money In Your Eyes“, a fine opening uptempo  tune.

harmad 101 Steve La Rue with Spoke little & Bros. Money in your eyeslogan 3113 ramon sanders you tore your playhouse down

From Madison, Tennessee, the homestate of Rockabilly, comes now RABON SANDERS on the Logan label (# 3113). I don’t know if the guy made any other record, but this one is unique. A real blast of savagery. Fine guitar solo. Hear “You Tore My Playhouse Down“! It must come from late ’56 or early ’57, and does reminds me of Meteor sides, Jess Hooper for example, but more wilder.

Another Rockabilly, with a folk zest, is “The Sun Would Never Shine” by a BROWNIE JOHNSON, about whom I don’t know anything except his music on the Tennessee Lynn 101 label. Very fine guitar solo.

From Shreveport, La. on the small but very interesting RAM label (someday I will tell you its story. Just to tickle your appetite, remember The Lonesome Drifter?), we have now LARRY BAMBERG & his Louisiana Drifters for the nice shuffling “Cheating On Me” (# 104). Good piano solo. 1957

lynn 101B brownie johnson The sun would never shineram 104 larry bamberg cheating on meraynard 1052 western playboys (kenny murphy) honkey-tonkin'

Then way up North, in the Wisconsin state, for the WESTERN PLAYBOYS (vocal Kenny Murphy): “Honkey-Tonkin’” evokes the HT way-of-life in a fast pace. 1955. Raynard 1052 label.

On the East coast, from Ruthersford, NJ. HAROLD BAILEY and the Country Drifters, with a great late ’50s double-sider. Yes, for early January, there is a little hidden gift, a 7th selection! Bailey informs us of his decision of “I’m Gonna’ Leave“, and the sad note that “I’m A Fool” on the Gira label (029/030). Lot of echo, fiddle and steel. One of my ever-faves!

gira 030a harold bailey I'm gonna' leavegira 030b harold bailey I'm a fool