Call it Hillbilly Bop, Country Boogie, even Rockabilly, it’s all the same music, developping itself from ’30’s Country Blues or Western Swing plus an heavy dose of Boogie Woogie. It can be found in all Southern States, also in California and as far as Indiana or Pennsylvania, as much issued on major record labels (RCA, Decca, Columbia, M-G-M) as much, and much more actually, on hundred small labels, often one-off or with the odd issue.

Artists (more than once launching their own label) then tried hard (as today) to litterally sell themselves giving away their records after the show or to local D.J. to be promoted. That’s the story of their little records is telling you. Too numerous artists already featured to mention (ca. 450) ; lot more to come. So all you got to do is to type « » in your research bar and treat yourself to a musical trip from the ’40s to the ’60s.

bopping hillbilly music

January 2022 3rd week’s favorites

Howdee, folks! this post is unusual .When I posted late December 2021 fortnight's favorites' selection, by mistake I posted early January 2022 too. That's why in order to get you paient for late January fortnight, I decided to post a week's favorites in...

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