late March 2010 fortnight

Howdy folks! No post since a long time. I have been out of town, sick and busy elsewhere. Now I’m back with another batch of Hillbilly bop and Rock’n’Roll goodies… First we have JACK RIVERS’ « Haunted House Boogie » (was on Columbia, 1954), complete with sound effects on steel-guitar! Then onto a little classic on King (1953) « The Creek’s Gone Muddy (and the Fish Won’t Bite) » by JIMMY BALLARD. I will tell you someday the story of Jimmy Ballard, very strange one: he had risqué songs (some call it pornobilly) same time as sacred, on small Kentucky labels. Earlier (40s) with CLIFF CARLISLE’s « Shanghaï Rooster Yodel # 2 » – fine dobro. Same period (or even the 30s?) with UNCLE HENRY and the haunting harmonica instro « Lost John ». Then back to 1953, another interesting artist from Virginia or D.C., JOE FRANKLIN. Here is the reverse of his fabulous « Hillblly Boy » on M-G-M: the mid-tempo « Hitch-Hiking Blues » . Nice Hillbilly piano (Franklin himself?). We come to an end with the frantic « Don’t Happen No More » (78 rpm) from 1956 (Atlantic – Mickey Baker on guitar) by YOUNG JESSIE. Enjoy these gems!