late June 2011 fortnight’s favorites

The collector CDs of the Dutchman do contain vintage gems. Here we have Arvis McRae & the Texas Keys for the marvelous « Me And My Love« . Fine fiddle and guitar solos. Echo on vocal. Great rural Hillbilly Bop!  It comes from Texarkana on the Ranger label.

Then in Virginia for a rare instrumental on mandolin by Phebel Wright, « Lint Head Stomp« . Cut for Essex Records in 1946. It’s a tour de force: who influenced Bill Monroe?  Wright appeared later (gospel recordings) on a Bryte EP.phebel wright

On the Yolk label (Indianapolis), we are now turning to Rockabilly with Lloyd Harp and « Slow Boogie Rock« .yolk 102 lloyd harp

Less and less known now are Earl Wright and « Married Man Blues« or  Sid Triplett’s « Married Life Blues » – surely two songs aimed at married men!

cutt-rite 326B Earl Wright "Married man blues"Finally on the Louisiana Big Howdy label (1960’s?), the Weems Brothers and Billy Still for « Don’t Turn God Away« .

Many rare selections this time. I hope you enjoy every tune. Comments welcome!