Late April 2012 fortnight’s favorites

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I ecountered problems of access to the site. Now everything is all right…

Ready for a new batch of bopping Hillbilly and Rockabilly? This time I concentrate myself on obscure artists..So I feel uninspired, and my comments will be minimal, sorry.

From Texas and Fort Worth comes RAYMOND PARISH for the fine medium hillbilly bop, including fiddle, « I’m Packin’ Up  And Moving out » on the High Line label (# 102). Don’t know when it was recorded, I’d assume late ’50s.

Let’s turn back East: Natchez, Mississipi. GRAY MONTGOMERY offers a bordering Rockabilly tune, with « Right Now » on the Beagle label (# 101). It’s even billed « Rockin vocal ».









Later – 1963 – a Starday custom record from one of the Carolinas: Flop 1012 and the medium « Got It Made (in The Shade)« . Here LES WALDROOP is backed only by bass and lead guitar: Wade & Mickey, as shown on the label.

1961. JIMMY WELCH does a fast country-rock tune, « Searight Blues » on the Alabama based A-B-S label (# 146).











On the Mac label (unknown place), we have got now BOB ROARK & the Country Band for the fine melodic  » The Road To Your Heart » (# 467).

Finally the classic Nashville sound in Hillbilly bop, from April 1953: TOM ANDERSON, « As The Hands Go ‘Round The Clock » (M-G-M 11589).