early July 2013 fortnight favorites

Howdy folks. Here is the new selection for this first summer’s favorites. From Columbus, Ohio, the brothers (or cousins?) JOE and RAY SHANNON on the Shenandoah label (# 246) for a fine rockabilly (good guitar): “Hobo Baby“.

Then on Dixie – I don’t know if this is the ‘regular’ Madison, TN,Dixie label. The song is from ’61, by BOB WELLER. “Devil’s Heart” (# 850) is well sung, well convincing, over a medium piano. Very atmospheric.


I turn on a great unknown. He played on numerous Cincinnati sessions for King records: here LOUIE INNIS has his own “Sing Your Song Baby” (# 4861, from 1955) with chorus. Fine Innis’ guitar and fiddle.


JAM-UP & HONEY from Tennessee on Dot Records (# 1114). It’s a folky tune (even a banjo), with a prominent fiddle (solo). “Holding The Sack” sounds a different brand of hillbilly.


From Houston, as early as 1951. JIMMIE SPEAR has the fiddle romper “Turn Me ‘Round” on Freedom 5005. Nice guitar solo and steel.

Finally the Bo Diddley styled “Chicken in basket” on Old Town 1016 by BILLY BLAND. Enjoy the selections!