late June 2013 fortnight’s favorites

Howdy folks! Let’s begin in Ohio with a native (Portsmouth, 1919), HOWARD PERKINS, early in 1960 on the Shawnee label (# 102) for the fine fast, energetic « It’s A Cryin’ Shame » – nice rhythm, welcome short guitar & steel solos. Shawnee 101 was Lucky Boggs‘ « Drillin’ Rig Boogie« . Later in 1964, « It’s A Cryin’ Shame » reappeared (re-recorded with a lovely fiddle well to the fore – long guitar solo) on Bob Mooney’s Rem (# 346) Lexington, Ky. label. Finally PERKINS had another goodie with « Under control » on the Indianapolis Juke label (# 2012, 1969).












Now a real stomper perfectly sung and played: that’s how a real honky tonk should sound in 1956. WYNN STEWART, fronting the Skeets McDonald Orchestra with the solid « Slowly But Surely » (Capitol 3515).

Very near to Rock’n’Roll, the Rockabilly tinged « I won’t be able to make it » by GLENN CANYON on the Cincinnati Adco label (# 781) from 1965. Stinging guitar, haunting riff.

Back to early ’50s with JACKIE DOLL and the topical « When They Drop The Atomic Bomb« . A fast classic honky tonk: piano, guirar, steel, even a landolin solo. It’s on the Mercury label # 6322 (1952)

Now an excellent fast atmospheric Hillbilly Rockaballad « Courtin’ Under The Moon » by RONDELL BARKER (Excellent 804). Great steel & guitar.

Finally on Philly’s Arcade 163, « It’s Nobody’s Fault But Your Own » by REX ZARIO. A medium steady rhythm over a firm baritone vocal. Zario deserves to be researched.

P.S. Thanks Drunken Hobo for sending me the second version (Rem) of Howard Perkins’ « It’s A Cryin’ Shame ».

late November 2012 fortnight’s favourites

Howdy, folks. Here is the usual batch of bi-monthly hillbilly boppers. This time completely unknown artists, even (but one case) location of recording.

Jay T. Starr must have been a West coaster, since I know of a 1951 record by him on Coast (# 9017, « Rattle Snake Boogie« ). Here is his 4 Star 1708 from 1957. « Dark Clouds Ahead » has a muddy sound (transfered from YouTube), nevertheless a fine uptempo bopper, while its flipside, « Wa-Na-Chee » has a strong guitar in it. Indian bopper.


Howard Perkins hails certainly from the early ’60s, and has a possible answer to Lattie Moore‘s « Out Of Control ». Here is his « Under Control » on the Juke label, # 2012.

One Little Carolyn Sue declares « I Hate Men » on the Lar label (# 738) with a sour voice. Rasping late ’50s hillbilly, near rockabilly.

Finally Leon Collard with two tracks. « Silver Queen » on the Basic 816 label. Apparently a train song. Good anyway. Then on the Louisville, KY Spiral label (# 800) « Hello USA« . Enjoy them all.