Late November 2014 fortnight’s favorites

This time, very various records. SLIM DOSSEY hailed from Kentucky, but settled in Kirkland, Washington, late ’40s, where he had his own TV show. He was at one time a member of Smokey Rogers Western Caravan. Here you will find his Tubb (Ernest?) penned “Don’t stand just there“. on the JR (Seattle) label. Romping music!
Slim DosseyDon’t just stand there download
JR 1001 slim dossey - don't just stand there

From Ohio, and in 1965, RALPH BUSH and the Brushwackers. He had one 4-track session for C-Flat (distributed by RCA), and three tracks are offered there. All fine Hillbilly boppers. “I’ve got the bluest feeling” (8543), “Troubles” (8544) and “My eyes don’t cry” (8545).
c flat 8544 ralph bush  roublesc flat 8542 ralph Bush - I've got the luest feeling Ralph BushI’ve got the bluest feelingdownload

Ralph BushTroublesdownload Ralph BushMy eyes don’t cry
From Washington state does come FRANK OLE’SHAY (real name Oleachea). With his brother Ernie, they had 12 issues on Four Star Blue Mountain OP- customs. Here are his best sides,”Love , love, love me, honey do” and “My baby’s not here in town tonight” (# 293) from 1958. Fine hillbilly rockers.
OP-293 (bluemountain) frank ole'shay
Frank Ole’shayLove, love, love me, honey dodownload
Frank Ole’ShayMy baby’s not here in town tonight>
From Texas, COTTON THOMPSON (“Jelly roll blues“) on Houston’s Freedom 1010. Thompson also had the great “How long” on Gold Star.
Cotton ThompsonJelly roll blues freedom 5010 cotton thompson
Jim FullenI’ve gone crazydownload
Finally JIM FULLEN on the Deluxe label # 2015 and “I’ve gone crazy” from 1954. Fullen later recorded as Jimmie John,”Rosie’s back again” on Dot.
 It is not at all sure he’s the same Jimmie John who had “Solid rock” in 1958 on the Newark, Ohio, ZZ label.deluxe 2015 jim fullen I've gone crazy