Howdy folks! Ready for a new batch of boppin’ hillbillies? Here we go:
First, from Arkansas, the otherwise unknown KIRMET PHILLIPS, certainly a local guy who did only this fine 1957 medium paced hillbilly, « Walking alone tonite » (2841) on the small DUB label. The latter was self-conscious of its ambition, because it surnamed itself « International »! Indeed in its relatively short time of existence, it issued other good records by Jimmy Williams (« Always late » fame), Don Head, Buddy Childress or Chuck Brooks, all fine rockabllies/rockers.
Kirmet Phillips, « Walking alone tonite » download

dub int 2841 kirmet phillips

Second artist, from Mississipi this time, on the also very small VON label which had in its roster important artists as Lloyd McCullough, Hayden Thompson or Johnny Burnette Rock’n’Roll Trio (their first ever record). The disc is by SHORTY SULLIVAN, « Tell me, tell me » (# 1004), again a fast hillbilly recently reviewed by « the hillbillyresearcher.blogspot » of Allan Turner. I included the flip side, « Gotta have your love tonight« , to be found on a Cactus (High on the hog, vol. 2) compilation. Both tunes were issued in November 1955.

Shorty Sullivan, « Tell me, tell me » download

Shorty Sullivan, « Gotta have your love tonight » download

VON 1004.A shorty sullivan tell me, tell me

Then a Nashvillian, as the name of his backing band, His Lone Star Boys, doesn’t imply: BOB EATON, who cut several 78 rpm on Decca during 1950. Here I offer both sides of Decca 46276, a Mattie O’Neal/Salty Holmes written song, « Virginia on a saturday night« , good fast hillbilly, as the flip side « My dreamboat struck a snag« . Eaton was also a regular on Louisiana Hayride and KWKH as well as Nashville’s WSM. His steel player sounds very much like Jerry Byrd, which can be heard I’m told, for best effects, on Eaton’s « Somebody’s steelin’ my baby’s sugar » (Decca 46219).
Bob Eaton, « Virginia on a saturday night » download

Bob Eaton, « My dreamboat struck a snag » download

decca 46276 bob eaton Virginia on a saturday night détourée

Another find from Allan Turner’s site is CARL LOTTS and the Kentucky Kernels, « Wandering lonesome blues » on the LOT label (# 76). Its F80W prefix (RCA mastering system) gives an issue in 1955. Lotts was nicknamed on the label « The wandering blues boy« , and he surely sings a good bluesy hillbilly tune.

Carl Lotts, « Wandering lonesome blues » download

lot 7476 carl lots wandering détouré

The fifth artist chosen is GENE McKOWN. Important artist of (originally) Kansas City, who moved to West coast before returning home in the late ’50s. He had records on Fable, Brass, Sims, Totem (60s), even a blues cut on a Hometown Jamboree LP in 1958. Here he delivers a rockabilly/rocker, « Little Mary » on the West coast AGGIE label(# 1003), 1958. It’s less wild than « Rockabilly rhythm » (# 1001), once revived by Ronnie Weiser on his Rollin’ Rock label; nevertheless it’s a good song too.
Gene McKown, « Little Mary » download

aggie 1003A gene mckown little mary détourée

Finally, a great dame of R&B, Miss HELEN HUMES in 1946. Backed by the Bill Doggett (of « Honky tonk » fame) Octet, she belts her pain in this « Unlucky woman » on the Philo label # 107, later renamed Aladdin. Enjoy the 78 rpm sound!

helen humes années 40

Helen Humes « Unlucky woman » download

philo 107 helen humes unlucky woman dét