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février 16th, 2009 by admin

Tom Sims’ actual address. Last seen in Spring Valley, Ca. Was a collector and dealer; Uh, finally I got Tom’s address, its: Huh-hah, this address is wrong, the message I sent came back undelivered. Can anyone give me the right one? Hope ole’ Tom is still alive! He may be about 50-54 now. Last news: a letter early in the 2000s. He was collecting stage clothes (more than 200!). Sees he’s got huge room for all these…

I’m looking too for a particular record. Mac Sims on Palos 1201 or Pacer 1201 (Drivin’ Wheel: thumping black rocker!). Can anybody help, at least the music on mp3 ? OK. I found it on a German CD!

I am looking for Jimmy Simpson (Republic, Hidus, Caprock) and Billy Barton (Abbott, King) label shots. Can anyone help? (April 5th, 2010). I found a scan of Hidus 2007 (I’m a high toned papa) (10th April, 2010) and a scan of Caprock 113 (I’m an oilfield boy)(11th April – thanks Andrew). Thanks to friends! Now both artists have their own feature in bopping!

I am selling an old German Castle LP 8214 of SLIM WILLET. Tracks: Don’t let the stars…(inst)/Leave me Alone Now/Live While We’re Young/Hungry Slim (inst)/Live Today As If You Knew/Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown/Villa cuna (inst)/Little Bluebirds Keep Singing/It’s Hard To Love Just One/Don’t Waste your Heart/Shibuya/Hadacol Corners. Rare sides (4 Star label). Condition: New (unplayed). Price: 22 €, or 26 $ + P&P.

I am looking for a particular EP on the Deadwood label (# 35901) by Rod Morris. The main track is « Weary blues« . I need a label scan of both sides, please!

I am looking for any serious collector prepared to scan labels from his/her collection, to embellish future features in Contact me, I am hungry for scans!

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  • barbara botwinick writes:
    janvier 31st, 201302:17at

    looking for Billy Barton who recorded So Called Friend/Wanted Man on Fire 1011A and also Ten Wheels (don’t know flip side) recorded on Stars label. Barton also recorded So Called Friend/Twelve O’Clock Polka with Bill Woods on Gulf 1003 under the pseudonym Billy Barnoski (or Barnosky). I am looking for all of these…please email me if you know where I can find any of them…thanks

  • Michael Curry writes:
    avril 24th, 201314:40at

    I have the Billy Barton 45 No Tomorrow/ Ten Wheels on STARS INC 548 in EX condition.

  • Julie Ringel writes:
    juin 8th, 201308:53at

    Michael – Do you still have No Tomorrow/Ten Wheels? If so, what would you sell it for?

  • Carla writes:
    janvier 16th, 201416:04at

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but I am looking for a 45 record that was recorded sometime in the 50′s. The group were from Rocky Mount, Va. I’m unsure of their name, but I think they had the word Drifters in it. The Rocky Mount Drifters, Grassy Hill Drifters. I’m really unsure. My father William « CARL » Hodges (now deceased) played in this group along with Peter Compton and Joyce Greer. Any help you could provide would be wonderful. Thank you for reading.

  • Sharon Hale writes:
    février 3rd, 201411:14at

    Looking for Allstar 7172, Your Kind Of Love, by Johnny Bush link to download. A track to listen and download was not shown on previous page with his other track.

  • richard writes:
    juin 17th, 201421:12at

    I looking for an artist or song title from a 1950′s song. Some of these lines would be in it

    Watch My Life… Study it Completely… Then you’ll know what not to do…. If I cry it’s alright…. Watch the tears blind my sight ,I’m a perfect example of a fool.

    A fool never get what he wants in life, and a fool never get what he needs ….A Wife .

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