Howdy folks. Here is the new selection for this first summer’s favorites. From Columbus, Ohio, the brothers (or cousins?) JOE and RAY SHANNON on the Shenandoah label (# 246) for a fine rockabilly (good guitar): « Hobo Baby« .

Then on Dixie – I don’t know if this is the ‘regular’ Madison, TN,Dixie label. The song is from ’61, by BOB WELLER. « Devil’s Heart » (# 850) is well sung, well convincing, over a medium piano. Very atmospheric.


I turn on a great unknown. He played on numerous Cincinnati sessions for King records: here LOUIE INNIS has his own « Sing Your Song Baby » (# 4861, from 1955) with chorus. Fine Innis’ guitar and fiddle.


JAM-UP & HONEY from Tennessee on Dot Records (# 1114). It’s a folky tune (even a banjo), with a prominent fiddle (solo). « Holding The Sack » sounds a different brand of hillbilly.


From Houston, as early as 1951. JIMMIE SPEAR has the fiddle romper « Turn Me ‘Round » on Freedom 5005. Nice guitar solo and steel.

Finally the Bo Diddley styled « Chicken in basket » on Old Town 1016 by BILLY BLAND. Enjoy the selections!