early July 2012 fornight’s favourites

Howdy folks, we embark for a new serie of obscure hillbilly bop records. TED WEST is not an unknown artist. He cut 1952 for Republic in Nashville the fine “She Bent My Pole” and the equally good (with sound effects) “Parking Worries” (see in the site the article on Republic Records, from July 2011). He cut two sessions in 1953-1954 for M-G-M, which I did extract the nice “Call Of The Devil’s Ride” (# 11539) from. Backing accompaniment may be by the Drifting Cowboys. A good shuffler from the days before Nashville was not rotten neither too commercial. (more…)

late December 2011 fortnight’s favourites

Howdy folks! This time, being late by 3 days, I won’t be as talkative as usual. Very few snippets on the main artist, and only label shots for the others. CUZZIN BILL HAMBY does offer us his aptly named “Heart Break Station” on the Way-Vee (# 600) label, I think from somewhere in Texas.  way-vee hamby Heart renco metzel  mine

Then on to BOBBY METZEL with the fine “No Longer Mine” (Renco 737)

Back to TIM DINKINS, whose I podcasted the great “Cattin’ Tonight” once in an article devoted to “Cat Music“. Here it is the equally good flipside, “It’s All In A Lifetime” (Fable 595 A, from California).

fable dinkins lifetime

The three remaining tracks are by CLEVE WARNOCK, who apparently was active in Atlanta, Ga. First cut is from 1955: “My Baby Is Gone” on the Stars label (# 502). The two other tracks do date from 1957, also on Stars: “So Goes Life” (# 2127) and “Boy And A Guitar” (# 2128) (yep, Warnock is alone with his guitar!). Note that the 1957 sides were co-written with BILLY BARTON.Enjoy the selections and have a merry Xmas and a Boppin’ New Year!

stars warnock gonestars warnock  lifestars warnock boy