early October 2012 fortnight’s favorites

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Howdy, folks. En route for a new batch of bopping billies. This time they are all fast. The first on Hep Records is LES TUCKER with the fine « Wrong Kinda Lovin » (sic)(# 2144) from Saint Paul, Minnesota. It has two nice solos of fiddle then steel, and a call and response format.

Was CLIFF DAVIS (& Kentucky Playboys) a Southerner having migrated to North? The Banana label (# 501) is from Chicago. Anyway Davis offers a strong « Hard Hearted Girl » over a solid backing. He also had a fine rendition of « Rocky Road Blues » on another label, for a future fortnight.

Al Barkle

AL BARKLE must be a solid name on the West coast. He had a record on M&M (this original of « Jumpin’ From 6 to 6« ), Vita and Frantic among others. A native of Wisconsin, where he had « Honky Tonky Mama » on the Polkaland label as early as in 1951, he cut this Odie Ervin song in 1956 on M&M 4041. The song is aknowledged now as a rockabilly classic since Big Sandy re-recorded it for his LP debut in 1994. Firm vocal, a fabulous guitar solo over a thudding bass, it has everything you could hope. Barkle had later a « Sputnick I » song.

DON RAY must be familiar. Here he does « Step Aside » a good medium shuffler on the New Orleans Meladee label (# 118). He probably is the same artist who appeared on Rodeo (« Imogene« ) on the West coast in 1959.

Completely unknown, with a un-familiar name, ULYSESS L. BAXTER nevertheless offers on the Rue label (# 725) the superior double sider « Beautiful Woman/Congratulate Your Son« . The A side is a cross between bop and rockabilly, while the flipside with its insistent guitar is a very nice white rock.

Finally you can hear CHARLIE CONRAD and Black Mountain Boys on Spec 125. A great double-sider too: « Dizzy Love/Night Club Blues« , two rockabillies from I don’t know where..















Addition from a regular visitor, DrunkenHobo: Al Barkle M&M (CA) 45 – 4041 (1957 is a recut of M&M (CA) 45 – 3036 (1956) THe 1st vewrsion is good Rockabilly as well and has not a piano break. Thanks, Dean!